Ground Lines


We provide straight from the factory a wide array of ground lines and lead ground lines.

Our ropes construction include all know types, laid ropes as 3 to 6 strand, plaited ropes as 8 strand (square), 12 strand braided ropes, double braided ropes, solid braided rope, parallel strand rope and kernmantel rope type. 

We are using a wide variety of rope material from High Tenacity Polyester, Standard Polyester, Polyamide.

All our ground lines can be spliced at the needed loop diameter with different required finished as polyester covers, specific whipping colors. 

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Please contact us directly with your request in regards of ground lines. Do not hesitate to include as many information as possible in regards of your ground lines needs such as expected loads, breaking loads, thickness, length, weight per 100 meters.

You can do so either by email, phone or fill the form in the contact page. 

We ship worldwide.