Mooring Lines - Tender Towing Kit
Fenders - Fender Covers


We provide straight from the factory a wide array of mooring lines. Our ropes construction include all know types, laid ropes as 3 to 6 strand, plaited ropes as 8 strand (square), 12 strand braided ropes, double braided ropes, solid braided rope, parallel strand rope and kernmantel rope type. 

 We are using a wide variety of rope material from Dymeema SK75, SK78, SK90, SK99, Technora, vectran, Kevlar, High Tenacity Polyester, Polyamide.

All our mooring lines are spliced at the needed loop diameter with different required finished as leather /polyester covers, specific whipping colors. 

We also supply fenders, fender covers and hooks. 

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It all started with a question. How do you retrieve a fully-loaded six tonne, 11.5 metres (37ft) Axopar tender, when towed by a 55 metre Motor Yacht in less than four minutes, with only one deckhand? 

Our new towing kit for large tender, “The Good Mate” is the handiest on the market due to its simple design, the Harken 12 Tons block and a Tylaska snap shackle.

We also provide standard towing lines and towing kits with bridles. As for mooring lines we provide required splicing and covers. 


We distribute Fendress fenders from 23 by 56 cm all the way to 125 by 600 cm. These inflatable fenders are considered the best on the market and are french made. 

These are light and ultra-resistant, easy to handle, carry strengthened strips for optimal resistance, stainless steel D-rings, tensile strength up to 3.5t, have waterproof valve and are easy to inflate and deflate. They are available in 5 colours and more than 20 dimensions are available.

We manufacture your fender lines at your required length and diameter and provide covers if needed.

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As for fenders, we provide Fendress covers either 100 % Acrylic or Neoprene from 23 by 56 cm all the way to 125 by 600 cm.

All covers are adaptable on all Inflatables Fenders dimensions, available in 16 different colors, are customisable with embroidery (yacht name..), the fabric thickness is doubled on the acrylic covers, no seam running along the entire cover length and the locking system is made by a solid string. 



This Rat Guard takes up very little storage room, installs easily and can be used in port when docked or at anchor. The split-hub design allows the guards to be installed after the dock lines have been secured or the anchor has been set.

Installation: Open the grey split-hub and close it around the line or chain. The inside of the central section features dual rubber baffles that close tightly around the line or chain keeping the guard in place. Then just clip on the black disc and the Rat Guard is ready for use.

Operation mode: When a rat encounters the disc and attempts to climb over it, the disc begins to spin around and the animal drops into the water. Smaller vermin are not able to climb up the slippery disc or pass through the center because the tight-fitting rubber baffles are preventing small vermin from passing through the center of the hub.

Rotating disc – No more vermin on board – Easy to use Very effective – Compact – Available in 3 sizes – Also usable for the anchor chaine


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tender towing kits

Please contact us directly with your of M/Y. Do not hesitate to include as many information as possible in regards of your needs such as expected loads, breaking loads, thickness, length.

You can do so either by email, phone or fill the form in the contact page.