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We provide straight from the factory a wide array of mooring lines. Our ropes construction include all know types, laid ropes as 3 to 6 strand, plaited ropes as 8 strand (square), 12 strand braided ropes, double braided ropes, solid braided rope, parallel strand rope and kernmantel rope type. 

We are using a wide variety of rope material from Dymeema SK75, SK78, SK90, SK99, Technora, vectran, Kevlar, High Tenacity Polyester, Polyamide.

All our mooring lines are spliced at the needed loop diameter with different required finished as leather /polyester covers, specific whipping colors.

We also supply fenders, fender covers and hooks.


We offer towing solutions for vessels and large tenders. 

Our new towing kit for large tender, “The Good Mate” is the handiest on the market. You can retrieve the tender in less than 4 minutes with only one deckhand.

For vessel towing lines, our high performance lines go up to 96 mm diameters (but not limited) for minimum Breaking Load of 630.360 Tons. Conventional ropes up to 96 mm diameter (but not limited) can withstand 198 Tons of Breaking Load. 

As for mooring lines we provide required splicing and covers. 


By specialising in mooring solutions, we offer all related mooring requirements to Motor Yachts. From mooring lines, tender towing kits, fenders, fender covers, fender lines, fender hooks, lifting equipment and crane lines.

We deliver around the world directly to the vessel or agents as well as shipyards for new builds projects. 



Rope being our core product, we provide all related lines for Sailing Yachts. From sheets to halyards and any control lines.

Our lines are made of either Dyneema SK78, 99, High Tenacity Polyester, mix of both, Vectran. We also have different types of covers depending of your usage, from Technora,Twaron, Vectran, HT Polyester and different mixes. 

We deliver around the world directly to the vessel or agents as well as shipyards for new builds projects. 



You will find on this page some tools that could be relevant for your navigation needs. 

For instance Navily has some interesting set of tools such as real time anchoring conditions around the med, cruising guides as well as berth reservation system.

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